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Some of us have had the opportunity to get together locally. Here's our story...

June 11, 2011: at the Yardhouse in Dedham. Sandra Bevins was in town.

May 10, 2011: at Doyle's. Ursula was there.
March 15, 2011: at the Canton Junction Sports Pub in Canton.
November 23, 2010: at Jake 'n' Joe's in Norwood.
October 3, 2010: ask Tony about this one.
August 26, 2010: at Doyle's. Hmm...did someone take pictures? Wait! Tony took some video.
June 15, 2010: at Doyle's. Tony took a video.
Jan. 22, 2010: at John Harvard Brewing Company in Framingham.
Nov. 24, 2009: again at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain
Nov. 5, 2009: at the Vegas Lounge in Norwood.
Oct. 2, 2009: at the 375th Anniversary Kick Off event at the Boston Public Library.
Sept. 17, 2009: at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain, again.
Sept. 3, 2009: Doyle's in Jamaica Plain
Aug. 11, 2009: Doyle's in Jamaica Plain. This is the one with Bill Ouellette.

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