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The Class of 1980

The 5th Reunion
The 10th Reunion
The 15th Reunion
The 20th Reunion
The 25th Reunion!
The 30th Reunion!
The 35th Reunion!


Photo Album


In memoriam...


In memory of departed friends

Denise's picture
Denise Daly
Donald's yearbook picture
Donald Perella
Steven's yearbook picture
Steven M. Lok
Matthew's yearbook picture
Matthew S. Walsh
Jim's yearbook picture
James Assatly
Howie's yearbook picture
Howard Jay Scott Magier
Terri's yearbook picture
Therese E. (Alduino) Strik
David's yearbook picture
David Scott Page
Michael's yearbook picture
Michael Patrick Healy
Zoe Murphy
Zoe Murphy
? - 2015
Bill's yearbook picture to go here.
William Moschella
? - 2015
Lillian's yearbook picture to go here.
Lillian A. Fiorentino
1962 - 2020
Ben Bishop
Ben Bishop
? - 2020
Peggy O'Toole
Peggy O'Toole
1962 - 2020

If you have an original color picture of our classmates here, could you please scan it in color and email it to me? If you don't have a scanner available, may I borrow the picture so I can scan it and I'll send it back to you?

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