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Last updated on February 15, 2010

Paul Abbott    No information available.
Bob Abramson    Bob is a principal engineer at MITRE in Virginia.
Terri [Alduino] Strik   Therese E. [Alduino] Strik passed away on February 2, 2004. 04/13/04
Michael Allessandro    No information available.
Peter Aloumanis   
Anthony Amara  current picture of Tony Tony Amara still lives in Hyde Park in the house he grew up in (at least he was two years ago when he last checked in). He's (happily) married with 3 kids (14, 11, 4). He's been a Federal employee for over 20 years (that's what you'd "say" if you were working for the CIA or NSA, but he's not one of those). 2/9/09
Sandra Ameer   
Andy Anagnos   
Brenda Armstead   
James Assatly    James Assatly passed away on March 25, 1993.
Kathleen [Audley] Ordonez   
Melinda Baker    Melinda and her husband, Paul, have a young daughter, Anna Maria, in Oakland, California.
George Bakis    No information available.
Simone Barbar    No information available.
Harry Barbosa    No information available.
Robert Barringer    No information available.
Susan Bear    She and husband Mike Hill live in Newton Heights with their two kids, Jessie (3) and Wyatt (6). Sue is a events/fundraising consultant.
Eric Belson   
Eric Belson is an IT manager at a prominent Boston architectural firm. 12/8/06
Kevin Bergquist    Kevin is a principal software engineer at ProQuent Systems in Marlborough, MA, after having worked at Cisco/GeoTel, Iris Associates, Xyplex, and Honeywell/Bull. He's married and has a 7-year-old daughter. He still plays his trombone/saxaphone (in Big Band or R&B/Classic Rock groups since college). 12/18/02
Matt Bethoney (Sr.)*    Matt is Gary Maroun's cousin.
Sandra (Bevins) Hughes   
Michelle Bezreh    No information available.
Bernard "Ben" Bishop   
Ellen Bloom    No information available.
Elaine C. [Boly] Sullivan    Elaine is married, has kids, and lives in Massachusetts. She's the director of operations at Independence Healthcare in Worcester.
Jacques Boone    No information available.
Gary Brainard    Gary lives in St. Petersburg (Florida?) with his wife Marie and many kids. He's also a police officer in that city. 11/18/08
Dorothy Breslin    No information available.
Chrstine Broderick    No information available.
Ellen Brosnahan    No information available.
David Bugbee    David is a principal software engineer at TransMedics, Inc in Andover, MA. He lives in Groton, MA with his wife, Nancy, and two kids, Madeleine and Travis. 11/18/08
Sarah [Bulger] Piscatelli   
Marc Bunzell   
Carlton Burke    No information available.
Thomas Burke    No information available.
Eva Cabone    No information available.
Gelsomina "Mina" Cappuccio    Mina is a project manager at the Space Transportation Projects Office of NASA, in California. 04/07/05.
Andrew Carini    No information available.
Steve Charbonneau*    Spent 5 years in our class but left after the junior year. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Lake Superior State College in northern Michigan, joined the Air Force and flew in Operation Desert Storm. He's now a Lieutenant Colonel teaching at the Army's Command and General Staff College and will be flying B-52's in North Dakota soon.
Kathy (Carrigg)-Butler   
Kathleen (Casey) DeGroote   
Maureen Casey    No information available.
Linda Chaisson    No information available.
Nora Cherry    No information available.
Dexter Chin    Rumor has it that Dexter's married and living in Singapore.
Fred Chin    No information available.
John Chin    Rumor has it that John's married, living in Newton, and has at least one kid
Laura Chin     Benson says: "I remember reading an article in the Globe about Laura and her husband Albert being major suppliers of fish to (Chinese?) restaurants in the region."
Lauri Chin    Rumor has it that Lauri lives in Brazil.
Randall Matthew Chin    Randy graduated from UMass in '92 and the Denver University College of Law in '96. He's a senior associate at Foster, Graham & Calisher, LLP. He and his wife Kandice live in Boulder, Colorado.
Viola Chin    Last heard headed to Arizona years ago.
Maryanne Chinetti    No information available.
Kin Choy   
Tasia Christakis   
Tony Christiano    Was last seen before the 20th Reunion
Steven Class    Steven is a pharmacist in Cumberland, MD 12/8/06
Joseph Christopher Cody    "I live in Braintree. I am married to Denise . We have 3 sons. Joe, the oldest is a senior at John Carroll University in Cleveland. Nick is a freshman at Wentworth Institute. Shawn is a freshman is Braintree High. I work for Verizon in Taunton. I am one of those people who has never been to an event since I left BLS in 1980. I am looking forward to the 30th reunion. When I worked in Boston I did have lunch occasionally with Susan McDonald, Billy Dench and John McCormack. I do have a facebook...under the name Joe Christopher."
Timothy Anthony "Tony" Coffey   
David Cole    David's in Chicago.
Stephen Collins    Steve worked for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project (aka "Big Dig")
Katherine (Conkling) Thompson    (kcthompson @
Judy Connolly    (jaconnolly @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08.
Kathleen E. Connolly Ciriello    (KConnolly @
Kathleen is an attorney with Murtha Cullina (made the switch after almost 16 years as a principal with Kopelman and Paige so that she could develop her conservation, land use, environmental and real estate practice), and she and her husband Jim live in Hopkinton with their 2 daughters, Julia and Gianna. 10/8/09
Robert Connolly    No information available.
Elizabeth Conway    No information available.
Richard Costello    (richard.costello @
Richard is president of Acela Energy Group, an energy consulting company in Norwood. 07/02/04
Susan (Cronin) Ruderman    (ruderman @
Phil Crooks    No information available.
Thomas Crowe    No information available.
Deno Damaskos    No information available.
Luiza (D'Antignana) O'Toole    Luiza is married to Mike O'Toole ('78) who is the brother of Margaret in our class. Three kids: Christopher, Caroline, and Patrick.
David Darman    (ddarman @
David Darman has been on the airwaves of Concord New Hampshire for some years as a reporter for New Hampshire's National Public Radio station 12/8/06
Peter Davin    (pdavin @
Andrew Davis    (importunat @
Patrick Deery    No information available.
Bill Dench    (bildeb61 @ Bad address on 11/18/08
William E. Dickerson, Jr.    William is the pastor of the Greater Love Tabernacle in Dorchester.
Jim Digironimo    (jim @
James runs his own wholesale jewelry business in New York City and finds the excuse to escape the cold New England winters to California where he opened his first retail jewelry store, Martin Katz Ltd, in Beverly Hills. He also goes by the name "James Martin" since that's the name of his business and everyone calls him that. 11/09/07
Vincent Dimino    (dimino @ Forwarding address was bad on 11/18/08
James Dimitri    No information available.
Dawn (Dineen) Tomasini    (dtomasini @ 05/07/05
Joann Doherty    No information available.
Mariann (Doherty) Bonarrigo    (twinambd @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08.
Michelle [Dold] Seery    (seery @
Michelle is married and has two sons; they live down in Connecticut. She practices law part-time. 05/07/05
Nancy Dolhert    (ndolhert @
Nancy completed her JD and Masters of Intellectual Property. She is now a patent Attorney working on patent litigation and patent prosecution. She's lived in the Silicon Valley area since 1980. 04/21/05
Wanda Don    (wmdon @
Julianne (Donley) Gilpin    (julianne @
Julianne missed the 20th reunion because she just had a baby, but made it to the 25th. Last we heard, she became a Trustee of the BLS Association. 05/07/05
Charles Donnelly    (cdonnelly @
Don Doucette    (dondoucette @ 07/05/04
James Doyle    No information available.
Candace Drakes    No information available.
Danny Dwan    (d.dwan @ 11/18/08
Maureen Dwyer    (maureen.dwyer @
Kerry Lee (Dyroff) Keohane    (dpkeohane @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08
James Earls    No information available.
Elaine (Edwards) Titus    (elainetitus @ 05/07/05
Daniel English    No information available.
John English    No information available.
Bob Everhart    (rjeverhart @
Phyllis Farrar    No information available.
Thomas S. Fergus III    (tfergus @
has his own company down in northern Virginia and is enjoying life with his wife, Colleen, and their 4 kids.
Lillian Fiorentino    (lilyfio @
Lillian moved to North Carolina in 2005 with her husband and two sons (ages 4 & 8). She's in a private practice as a psychotherapist working with adults, teens and children.. 11/19/08
Joseph Fisher    (jwfisher @
Dan Flaherty    (Daniel.J.Flaherty @
is at Verizon of the staff of the Director of Massachusetts' Outside plant Engineering as the coordinator for high capacity circuit provisioning in the state. Dan and his wife Jan are avid West Coast Swing dancers.
Thomas Flynn    No information available.
Jeffrey Folan    No information available.
Margaret Foley    There's a person in either Wilmington or Winchester who keeps wondering why we're always calling her and why we think she's *our* Margaret Foley.
Carol Fong    No information available.
Francesca (Fratalia) Rossi    (trossi4 @ Bad email on 11/18/08
Francesca is somewhere in the Pittsburgh area.
Mary Beth Frieburger    No information available
Joseph Garrity    No information available
Stephen George    No information available
Julie (Getchell) Woodall    (daddymjw @
Joseph Gill    No information available
David Gilligan*    Benson says: "David was a member of our class until 1976. He's a plumber in the Boston area and was part of the crew that replaced the furnace in my house (he noticed my BLS sweatshirt)."
Ron Gochakowski    (rgochako @ or ron @ )
Ed Goff    (peace123 @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08.
Benson says: Ed heard from Robert Reynolds who heard from Bill Dench who must have heard from me so that's how Ed found this webpage. I can still picture him standing at the front of Mr. Demerit's class to recite passages from Lingua Latina.
Gerry Greland    (rhapsydist @
Elizabeth Guerin    No information available
Virginia Halsey    (virginia_Halsey @
Virginia is a product management director at First Data Bank in San Bruno, California
Robert Hanson    No information available
Kevin Harlen    (kjharlen @
Kathleen (Harrington) Clark    (kclark @
Kathleen and her husband Andrew have two kids and live in Houston. They also own an art gallery there. 11/18/08
Wayne Hazen    Wayne was still in the 1977 catalogue but left the school when his family moved (not sure when).
Bob Harris    (bharris887 @
Bob wrote in to say that he lives in North Attleboro with wife, Barbara, and sons Chris, Robbie, and Tim (C.R.T., not necessarily in that order). Since graduating from Bentley (BS in '84 and MBA in '92), he's been running his own consulting company, CRT, Inc.
Catherine Hart    No information available
Michael P. Healy    Michael passed away on March 13, 2014 at the age of 51. He lived in Brockton for the previous 25 years and was on the Borkckton School Committee.
James Noda-[Hines]    (jimnohi @
Jim has lived in Tokyo, Japan since 1994, working in technology at financial firms, currently as a project manager. His wife, Yukiko (formerly Yukiko Noda), and he have two children, Alysa (6 years) and Joshua (8 months). His wife's family tree went back nearly 1,000 years, so James agreed to hyphenate his name.
John Holmes    (joho @ 04/26/05
Diane Horan    No information available
Paul Hutchinson    No information available
Rosemarie (Iarrobino)-Dimino    (iarrobino @ Bad forwarding address on 11/18/08
Nancy (Iovanni) Dixon    (ndixon3240 @
Nancy moved to Phoenix in 1994 and is a physical therapist at Paradise Valley Hospital.
Lisa Jenkins    (myrrhsmum @
Michael Jerzylo    No information available
Eugene Jung    No information available
Teresa Kanaskie    No information available
"Peggy" Marguerite (Kane) Payton    (ppayt @
Paul Kane    No information available
Eileen (Kaskeski) Connolly    (eileenconnolly @ 02/04/09
William Kearney    (wkearney @ Bad address on 11/18/08
William works at Parametric Technologies
Steve Kelley    (skelley @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Arlene (King] Lennon    (arlene @
Stuart Kirsch    (stu or kirsch84 @
Stu lives on a horse farm in Middleborough, MA with his wife Deborah and children, Jason, Rina and Brian. Stu is a small business technology consultant. He's also Director of Information Technology for the Plymouth River Eels, a new independent professional baseball team setting up shop in Plymouth MA. 12/8/06

David Knecht    No information available
Mike Koffman    This was sent in 2011, but Mike is the Country Director for Peace Corps Ghana. He lives in Accra, Ghana. He can be reached at 9/20/11
Brett Koons    (brettk @ 11/18/08
Brett is in Seattle working as a Business Systems Analyst for T-Mobile. Hopes to make it to the 2010 Reunion.
Cheung Sing Kwan    No information available
Debbie Kwong    (kwong @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Joyce Lai    (laij @
Joyce is working at the SEC.
Benson says: "I ran into Joyce at the old Linen 'n' Things store in the Arsenal Mall back in 2005. I swear, she looked *exactly the same* as she did in senior year. Must be that Chinese blood.
Joseph Lamir    (jlamir @
Paul Lane    (pllane2003 @
Paul is currently in the San Francisco Bay area as a sales manager for a computer component manufacturer. 11/18/08
Thelma Larraga    No information available
Adrienne Lee    No information available
Kenneth Lee    (kennethhlee1635 @
Ken and his wife Judy showed up at the 25th reunion. 11/18/08

Perry Lee    No information available
Debra Leiter    No information available
Loretta (Lennon) Byrne    (loretta762 @
Loretta was a mailman/person back at the 10th anniversary reunion and now hanging out in West Roxburym with two kids, Lottie & Chick, as a plumber/welder. 11/18/08
Carol (Linnane) Eubanks*    (caroleubanks1 @
Carol was part of the Class of 1980 for four years and left after the 10th grade to attend college. She graduated from UMass in 1982. She and her husband, Bob, live in Dublin, Ohio and are enjoying their empty nest. Their son, Alexander, is a first year cadet at West Point and their daughter Barbie is a freshman at Guilford College in North Carolina. Her husband is employed with NetJets Aviation and Carol is retired. 11/18/08
Stephen M. Lok Stephen's Yearbook picture   Stephen passed away during the 80s.
Robert Lombardi  current picture of Robert (rlombardi100 @
Robert is married and living in Norfolk, Massachusetts. He works for Supreme Energy LCC as Director-Commercial Sales.
Karen Lopes    No information available
Harry Luke    No information available
Eileen Lydon    No information available
Susan (McDonald) Ahern    (susanhuges @
Boston, MA
Mark MacKenzie*    (MarkMack @
didn't finish with our class; he says he is "still at Microsoft but no longer with Encarta. I'm now a product designer with Windows Media Center Edition. My wife Kim and I have a 6-year-old daughter Jessie, with whom I chase the Red Sox around the country, and a two-year-old son Andrew.".
David MacMillan    (dmacmillan @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Dave is the European VP of Sales for SuperScape and lives in London (the real one). He showed up at the 20th Reunion looking very dapper in his kilt.
Frank MacPherson, Jr.    (fmacpherson @
Howard Jay Scott Magier yearbook picture   Howie passed away on Tuesday, October 24, 2000, following complications after surgery. After graduation, he had gone to Syracuse University for architecture and was a registered architect in West Acton. He was married with two kids.
Regina (Maher) McBrearty    (mrmcb @
Jim Mahoney    (jmahoney @
Jim is an instructor at the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, researching the causes of systemic autoimmune diseases. He and his wife, Jane (Chung of BLS '81) have two kids and have been living most in the Baltimore area since after college.
Arthur Maravelis    No information available
Raymond Mariani    No information available
Gary Maroun    (impostermm @ Bad address on 11/18/08
John Marra    No information available
William Martini    No information available
John Matchett    (jmatchet @ 07/01/04
Mary (Matulis) Shaver    (mmshaver @ 07/08/04
Lorraine (Mazzoni) O'Connor    (okielola @ 11/19/08
Marc McBrearty    (mrmcb @
Marc & (Re)Gina (Maher) McBrearty would love to hear from everyone
Bruce McClintock    No information available
Ellen (McCone) Ridge    (ellen.ridge @ 06/28/04
John McCormack    (jmccormack @
Michael McDonnell    (mmcdonn @
Michael is a Senior Reactor Operator at Pilgrim Station in Plymouth, MA, having been there since graduating from Mass Maritime Academy in '85. He's "living the good life in Kingston, MA" with wife Mary and two kids, Margot and Marc.
Walter McDonough    (wally @ 11/20/08
Walter got married in 1990. He and his wife Eileen live in West Roxbury and have two kids, Leah (14) and Kevin (17, BLS class of 2010!).
Joseph McDougall    No information available
Jack McGonagle    (jack.mcgonagle @, M: 646-345-3457)
Benson says: After the 20th Reunion, I commented to Jack that he looked like the actor Bruce Willis. Years later, people told him the same Iraq.

Jim McGonagle    (JimmyMcGonagle @ 11/18/08
Jim is the controller for Monster.Com. He got married in December, 1999 and currently living in Charleton,MA.
Dan McGrath    No information available
Joseph McMahan    (joemcma @
Shelagh McNeil    No information available
Janet Micaarelli    No information available
Kurt Michel    (michelk @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Kurt and his wife, Patti, now pronounce their last name "mickel" (as in "nickel") to avoid given her two "first names". :-) They have two (I'm going to guess) boys, Kyle & Konner, and the whole family is into skiing. Kurt was in Product Development Engineering at GTE and is now a Fields Applications Architect at Conexant Systems.
Andrew Ming    No information available
Barbara (Mitchell) Bowman    No information available
Linda Molesworth    No information available
Joseph Morahan    No information available
Eliott "Elmo" Morra    Was married to Lani Wong '80. They have three kids.
John Morris    No information available
Tom Morrissey    (tmorrissey @ Bad address on 11/18/08
He is in Canton with wife Stephanie and, at this time, two kids, Mary Kate and Erin.
Bill Moscella  current picture of Bill I heard that Bill Moschella had passed away a while ago but didn't have any information. Please share what you've heard about him.
Anthony (Man Kin) Moy    (manthonymoy @
Anthony lives in New York City.
Bernice Moy    No information available.
James Moy    No information available.
James F. Mulhern   (
"I am working as a writer, an editor, and an English professor in Fort Lauderdale. I travel quite often and spend my summers in Europe. My latest novel, still in progress, includes references to our high school years at Boston Latin School. The setting is 1976-1980." See his books at Amazon. Updated Nov. 28, 2018
Amy Murphy    (murphya @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Amy was working at the American consulate in Lima, Peru.
Edward Murphy    No information available.
Zoe (Murphy) Galvin    (zgalvin @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Joanne (Musculus) Bouzerdan    (bouzerdan @
Steven Neville    No information available.
Marie (Nickerson) Cutting    (cutfam5 @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Marie is a medical consultant and lives in Sebago, Maine with husband Jeff and three daughters, Sarah, Hannah, and Kate.
Dan O'Brien    (OBrHome @
Dennis O'Brien    No information available.
Karen O'Callaghan    No information available.
Tony Odea    No information available.
William O'Leary    No information available.
Cathy (Olsen) Whitney    (CWhitney88 @
Cathy and her husband Glenn live south of Boston with their three sons, Adam, Kevin and Ian. She spent many years in the field of Human Resources before leaving full time work to be home with her children. 10/13/09
Joselph Olson    No information available.
Daniel O'Riordan    No information available.
Laura O'Shea    No information available.
Brian O'Sullivan    (osul130 @
Marie O'Sullivan    No information available.
Peggy (O'Toole) Driscoll    (peggy.otoole @
Peggy has two sons, Evan and Rory Michael. Daughter Darien Mary Driscoll was born in November, 2003. She and her husband Brian (and their kids) live in Hanson, MA. 05/07/05
Bill Ouellette    (billat40 @
Bill lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with his partner (also named Bill). He is a dean at a private school in Honolulu, and has two children, ages 14 and 10. (He will have gotten married in the Boston area on Saturday, August 15, 2009). 08/10/09.
David Scott Paige to david's yearbook picture   David, aka "Mungus", passed away on October 30, 2008, in Greenville, South Carolina. A fanatic Red Sox fan, he was a ticket seller for their Greenville Bomber A affiliate. Some friends and family have established an obituary page for him. 11/11/08
Susan Panarese    No information available.
Nick Papakyrikos    (JPCPAS @
Nick is a CPA/Financial Planner with his own company. He's married with four kids (boy/girl twins and two more girls). Nick! Names! You forgot the names!
Robert Parsons    (rsjjpar @
Caroline Payson    (carolinepayson @ Bad address on 11/18/08
Joanne (Pero) Hayes    No information available (but I'll bug her for it).
Chris Perruzzi    (cperruzzi @ or caperruzzi @
Chris lives in Waltham. He opened a new practice in Quincy with some other lawyers. 11/18/08

James Philbin    (jimp @
Cynthia (Poulos) Anderson    (BostonSky5 @ or bostonsky @
Cynthia is still living in Arlington, VA. Her husband is a Captain in the Coast Guard, and their kids are getting older of course, Skyler - 11, Keaton - 8, and Sophia - 6. 05/05/05.
Russell Powers    No information available.
Eric Primack    (ericprimack @
Eric Primack lives in Ipswich, MA and was mentioned in the local press for offering a house he owned to Katrina victims. 12/8/06
Eileen Prindeville    No information available
Augustus Pritchett    No information available.
Mary Quigley    No information available.
Ilse Quintero    No information available.
Lenley Rafuse    (rafuse @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08.
Lenley runs his own engineering company.
John Rasenas    No information available
Joseph Ravida    No information available.
Stephen Reardon    (sreardon @ 06/28/04
Kenneth Restuccia     
Robert "Bert" Reynolds    (rreyn1285 @
Robert is a district manager for the home delivery division of the Boston Herald.
Michelle (Robinson) Barker    (michelle.barker @
Michelle is a senior research analyst at Arbitron in Maryland.
Linda Ross    (lross @
David Rossetti    No information available.
Jeanne Russell    No information available.
James Scarpelos    (jscarpelos @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08.
lives in Franklin, MA with his wife, Tamara, and two sons, Nicholas and Alexander. He's a Internet Research Supervisor at Cyber Patrol in Westboro
Elisabeth Schuh    No information available.
Mary Sexton    No information available.
Joe Shamon    (jshamon @
William Shaughnessy    No information available.
Linda Soo Hoo    (lsoohoo @ Bad email adddress on 11/18/08.
Linda is a lawyer-type in New York, having practiced law for a number of years now.
Voula Sougarides-Koktsides    (musicnotes99 @
Voula lives with husband Dimitri and two children (Alexandra, 14, and Aris, 3) in Norwood, MA. She hasn't been working since her son was born in 2002, but was a budget analyst at the MBTA before that
Andrew Spileos    No information available.
Diane Stelfox    No information available.
Ursula Stopa    (ustopa @
Tampa Bay, Florida.
Jim Sullivan    (unclebim5 @ 11/18/08.
Jim has been tending bar at Doyle's Bar in JP for years.
Janet Sullivan   
Paul Sullivan    (paul.sullivan @
Paul runs (I assume) The Sullivan Company, a home remodeling company. Paul showed up at the 2005 reunion with his fiancee, Xaibei. 10/11/05
Sheila Swales    No information available.
Helen Terzides    No information available.
Courtney Thomas    (allechcourt @
Jean (Thornton) Grove    Boston, MA
Sarit Tiomkin    (s_rit @
"I got married in the south of France after getting my BA from BC, we have 4 children, Lea 23, Daniel 20, Josh 14, Talia 8. I worked occasionally teaching English in continuing education at a professional, adult level. I don't work at the moment, but hope to do something interesting in the future." 03/1/09
Keith Tom    No information available.
Christina Tranfaglia    (cmtranfaglia @
Christina went out to Northwestern in the Chicago area for her MBA in 1987. After working for Pactiv for 12 years, she is currently working as an independent marketing consultant. She "mostly helps folks with the new product development process, which can include anything from running consumer focus groups... to brainstorming and testing new ideas... to working with R&D on product specs." She has some 25+ patents and is most "famous" for having invented the $50 million line of Hefty Zoo Pals tableware for kids. "I love being a freelancer, am working much less, and am bound and determined to stay on the fringes of Corporate America until skyrocketing healthcare costs force me back in." 11/09/08

Richard Ubowski    No information available.
Tony (aka Janis) Veidelis    (veidelis @
Tony is living in Holliston, MA with his wife, Duanne, and two sons, Cody (6) and Dennis (2). He is a Senior Project Manager for AimNet Solutions, a computer network integration and consulting firm in Holliston.
Faith Walker    No information available.
Bill Wall    (bill.wall @
Pamela Walrond    No information available.
David Walsh    (dwalsh52 @
Matthew S. Walsh Matt's yearbook picture   Matthew died in an accident on March 14, 1993.
Paul Ward    I think he's on facebook somewhere
Eric White     
Kathleen Wilder    No information available.
William Wilkins    No information available.
Arthur Williams    (urbunlimit @
Robert Williams    No information available.
Benson Wong   current picture of Benson taken 11/26/18. I don't know why I look *thin* in this picture because I'm not Benson went Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. for Computer and Systems Engineering. He worked Digital Equipment Corporation, and then moved on to startups Aspect Development and Sandpiper Software, both based in California, and then Sandstorm Enterprises (now NIKSUN). Currently at Bridge Interface Solutions. Always a late bloomer, he got married on September 27, 2015 to Denyce Zabrecky.
Henry Wong    (henry.l.wong @ or sfhenm @
Henry is at Intel after 23 years in the San Francisco area. He has two daughters, Sydney and Haley. He's moved from engineering to marketing working on energy efficiency with some fairly major players in the computer and environmental communities. 11/19/08
Lani (Wong) Morra    (lani @
Lani married Elmo ('80) after high school. They had three kids together. Lani remarried and is a licensed acupunturist (sp?)
Ming B. Wong    No information available.
Sui Wong    No information available.
Dan Woo   
Arthur Yee    No information available.
Richard Yee    No information available.
Vivian Yee *     Benson says: Vivian was originally in our class; I believe she left Latin in the 8th grade when her family moved. Those students who came from the former Lincoln School in the Back Bay might remember her.
Onyen Yong    No information available.
Douglas Zeghibe    No information available.

* - didn't graduate with the class

Magistri Honorati

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Mr. Samuel Demerit Mr.Demerit @ No, this isn't Mr. Demerit's real email address, but I thought it'd be amusing to give him a forwarding address that was easy to remember. There were many of you whom he had hoped to see at Reunion so drop him a note sometime. I also made a forwarding address at sdemerit @  

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Class of 1980 "Lost List"

This mean that the Alumni Association has lost contact with these people. If you're not on this list but still didn't get the Reunion news, contact the Alumni Assocation to make sure they have your correct address. I know *many* of the addresses in the Associations' database are wrong because I called all the numbers they had for our class before the Reunion and I ended up calling phone numbers from the 1980's. The list was updated on July 1, 2004. Here is a list from the BLS Association.
Joan Bach, Thomas Burke, Candace Drakes, Nora Cherry Flynn, Carol Fong, John S. Holmes, Eugene Jung, Thelma B. Larraga, John T. Morris, Russell Powers, Elisabeth Schuh, Keith Tom, Paul A. Ward.

Please check the listing on this webpage and send me your email address. This will give us some place to send you email (if you don't want to give your phone number to the association).

If anyone wants their information posted here, just send mail to me at This webpage is totally separate and independent from the more official BLS Alumnae website where you can also enter your own information.

The email addresses are provided for the private use of Boston Latin School's Class of 1980. Any use of these names for harassment, fraud, or general spam will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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