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30th Anniversary Reunion, May 8, 2009:

The 30th Reunion coincided with the school's 375th Anniversary Celebration.

Many members of our Facebook group, Senes Quasi Senes ("We're old, sorta" and that's a quote from Mr. DeMerit), held a "Bootleg Reunion", organized by the esteemed Anthony Amara, at the Champions bar, two floors below the main reunion hall. We met from 3:30 to 6:30 pm, after which we decided to hang out at the entrance to the official reunion in hopes of meeting other classmates attending the big event. We were not unlike groupies waiting for movies stars to show up at a premiere.

Don't forget to check out Tony's video.

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Attendees to the "Bootleg Reunion" included:

  • Augustus Pritchett
  • Matt Bethoney Sr & his companion Marie
  • Dan Flaherty
  • Eric Charles Belson
  • Bob Abramsom & his wife Barbara
  • Tom Fergus
  • David Cole
  • Jean Thornton Gove
  • Ron Gochakowski
  • Loretta Lennon
  • Brett Koons
  • Ursula Stopa
  • Benson Wong
  • Kathleen Connolly Ciriello & her husband Jim
  • Mike McDonnell
  • Joe Shamon
  • Wally McDonough
  • Paul Sullivan & his wife Xioabei
  • John McCormack
  • Bill Dench
  • Susan McDonald Ahern & her husband Michael
  • Rick Costello

Seen (or not seen) at the official reunion:

  • Dawn Dineen Tomasini & her husband Chris
  • Joanne Pero Hayes
  • Linda Molesworth
  • Linda Chaisson Berkerian
  • Sandra Ameer DiBacco
  • Julianne Donley Gilpin
  • Moose Parsons
  • Wand Don
  • Joyce Lai
  • Eileen

During the event, calls were to and from:

  • Steve Class
  • Stuart Kirsch
  • Lani Wong

If you have pictures of the event that you want to share, particularly those from the official event, please send them to

Other people seen but not necessarily in the pictures: Richard Costello, Joyce Lai, Wanda Don, Elaine (Boly) Sullivan, Dawn (Dineen) Tomasini and Julianne (Donley) Gilpin. Lani Wong sent her regards from South Beach.

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