BLS Class of 1980 Reunion, May 6/7, 2005
Last updated: May 7, 2005.

The 25th reunion was held Friday, May 6 & Saturday, May 7, 2005, at the Sheraton Boston on Dalton Street, just around the corner from where we had our graduation. A grand time was had by all who attended. Attendees received a little gift from the Alumnae Association.

A group of us met at the welcome party at the school on Friday. Some had attended Prize Declamation earlier in the day (our class was invited to judge it) while others just showed up for the evening event. Members of our class quickly found each other as you can see in the picture. The event was catered with excellent food and free beer and wine. Tom Morrissey and Jeffrey Folan were in the area but left before we thought about taking a picture. Eric Primack stopped by the Longwood Grill on the way home from a Red Sox game, but didn't stay. John McCormack showed up and joined us for drinks. Kathleen Harrington and her husband flew in from Houston to be at the Friday night event but had to fly back to Houston for family on Saturday morning. Faculty that we noticed were Mr. Contompasis, Mr. Page, and Mr. Pratt.

Our meeting room on Saturday was on the main floor just down from where we met for the group photo and the dancing/partying rooms. We got to hang around talking to our classmates and former faculty for an hour before they told me to get everyone into the dining room (why me?). Approximately 60 people were signed up for the dinner portion of the evening; there were several people who signed up but didn't show up.

Around 8:00 or so, they came for us...for the group picture. They held off to make sure we all had a chance to show up. I can't believe they interrupted my dessert. It's amazing how long they took to get us organized and arranged for that picture (mostly because we were goofing around). We held up cards with numbers (matched to our names) so they would be able to print the pictures in the newsletter with our names. After a couple of test shots, Chuck Donnelly showed up about 5 seconds before the last *final* shot was taken so he managed to make the picture. Of course, about 5 seconds after the final shot was taken and people left, Michelle Robinson shows up (there was no staff around to tell her where to find us) and wasn't in the picture.

The Group Picture, May 7, 2005

Front row: Mr. Pratt, Mr. DeMerit, Mr. Vara, Peggy (Kane) Payton, Joanne (Pero) Haynes, Linda (Chaisson) Bekerian, Sandra (Ameer) DeBacco, Headmistress Kelly, Mr. Comtompasis, Gelsomina Cappucio. Second row: Dawn (Dineen) Tomasini, Loretta Lennon, Eileen (Boy) Sullivan, James DiGeronimo, Michelle (Dold) Seery, Tony Videlis, Rosemarie (Iarrobino) Dimino, Susan Bear-Hill, Elaine (Edwards) Titus, Lorraine (Mazzoni) O'Connor, Mr. Costello. Third Row: Susan (Cronin) Ruderman, Virginia Halsey, Richard Costello, John McGonagle, Benson Wong, Edward Goff, Christopher Peruzzi, Patrick Deery, Robert Parsons, Gary Maroun. Fourth Row: Julianne (Donley) Gilpin, Kenneth Lee, Paul Sullivan, Joe Shamon, William Dench, James Philbin, William Kearney, John McCormack, Robert Abramson, Michael McDonnell, David Bugbee, Vincent Dimino.

Note: Charles Donnelly showed up for the last attempt of this picture, but apparently, they used one of the earlier takes. Michelle Robinson showed up after we were done so she doesn't appear in the group picture.

After more socializing back in the room, we eventually migrated to the dance rooms. The room with the dj had music more "appropriate" to our generation. Some classmates adjourned to the lobby of the hotel for a quiet time of catching up. The rest partied (see the pictures).

Please note that a large number of us were still there when they ended the party. They had to kick us out, even after the obvious clues in the last few songs. Some of us even closed the bars in the hotels. At least one of us didn't couldn't get back to the Sheraton at 2:00 am because they locked those walkways between the Prudential, The Mariott and the Westin at 1:00 am.

Note: the pictures here have been scaled down to be viewable and are slightly compressed to speed up download times. They're not suitable for printing at home. If you want to get an electronic copy of any picture in full (printable) size, please contact me and I'll send you the original copies of the pictures.

The 25th Anniversary Reunion
May 6 - 7, 2005, Boston Sheraton

Pictures from the 25th Anniversary Reunion
I didn't meet a few of the people, especialy the spouses and I'm working on about 3 hours of sleep so I won't have all the names correct yet.

  1. The picture at the welcome party at the school on Friday night. From left to right: Joe Shamon, Susan Bear-Hill, Julianne Donley, Elaine (Boly) Sullivan, Kathleen Harrington, Benson Wong, Luiza (D'Antignana) O'Toole, and Elaine (Edwards) Titus.
  2. Robert "Moose" Parsons, Gary Maroun, and Kenneth Lee
  3. Virginia Halsey and former assistant headmaster Carmin Vara
  4. Roberts Parsons comes over to shake the hand of the guy with whom he got into a lot of trouble in school.
  5. Paul Sullivan, Xaibei (to be Sullivan), and Loretta Lennon
  6. Joe Shamon, John McCormack, Bill Dench, Richard & Millie Costello
  7. Elaine (Edwards) and Jim Titus, while Chris Peruzzi explains Life, The Universe and Everything.
  8. Whoops. Same people, take 2.
  9. Mr. Demerit and Benson Wong. Kinda hard to get into pictures when you're the one holding the camera.
  10. James and Julianne (Donley) Gilpin, and Kevin and Elaine (Boly) Sullivan
  11. Patrick Deery, William Dickerson, and Elaine (Edwards) Titus
  12. James Gilpin, William Dickerson, Julianne (Donley) Gilpin and Kevin and Elaine (Boly) Sullivan
  13. James DiGironimo, Michelle (Dold) Seery, (ignore the server standing in the picture), Tony and ? Videlis
  14. Front row: Susan (Cronin) and A. Michael Ruderman, ? and Mr. Dan Pratt (look, Ma! No beard!). Back row: Elaine (Edwards) Titus, William Dickerson, Gelsomina Cappucio, Vincent and Rose-Marie (Iarobino) Domino.
  15. James DiGironimo, Michelle (Dold) Seery, Tony and Duanne Videlis, and Mr. Demerit.
  16. Chris Peruzzi and Linda and Ed Goff
  17. Richard and Millie Costello, and Xaibei and Paul Sullivan
  18. ? and Joanne (Pero) Haynes, Sandra (Ameer) DiBacco, Linda Chaisson, and Patrick Deery
  19. Barbara and Bob Abramson, Robert Parson, Dawn (Dineen) & Chris Tomasini ('82)
  20. Nancy & David Bugbee, Mary & Michael McDonnell, and William Dench. William Kearney is in the lower right. We see the back of James Philbin in the lower left.
  21. Carmin Vara, Coach Paul Costello, John McGonagle, and Susan Bear-Hill (I can't believe I got an unfocused picture of Sue Bear)
  22. Joe and Lorraine "Lola" (Mazzoni) O'Connor (John McCormack in the back)
  23. Benson Wong and Michelle Robinson, still looking glamorous (Michelle, that is, not Benson). Michelle isn't in the group shot because she showed up about 10 seconds after the last picture.
  24. Joe Shamon and Charles Donnelly (who showed up about 5 seconds before we took the final shot of the class picture.)
  25. Joe Shamon, Bill Dench, John McCormack, Eric Primack, and Elaine (Edwards) Titus.
  26. Robert Parson, Kenneth Lee, Chris Peruzzi, Ed Goff, Joe Shamon, Benson Wong, Sue Bear-Hill, Bill Dench, John McCormack, Eric Primack, and Elaine (Edwards) Titus.
  27. Sandra (Ameer) DiBacco, Rosemarie (Iarrobino) Dimino, and Linda (Chaisson) Bekerian(?). Lorraine, Julianne and Elaine behind them to the left, the other Elaine to the right. (Guys, do you see something wrong with this picture?)
  28. The Reunion of the BLS '80 Spouses: Kevin Sullivan (of Elaine Boly), James Gilpin (of Julianne Donley), and Joe (Okie) O'Connor (of Lorraine Mazzoni)
  29. ...followed by Elaine (Boly) Sullivan, Julianne (Donley) Gilpin, and Lorraine (Mazzoni) O'Connor
  30. Sandra, Linda, and Rosemarie still haven't left the dance floor. Where are the husbands? That's Sue Bear in the back (in the orange) dancing with the rest of the Alumnae Association staff.
  31. Rosemarie (Iarobino) Dimino (with Vincent in back) talking with Virginia Halsey
  32. Let's see: Botton left is Elaine (Boly) Sullivan with hubbie Kevin. Behind/in front of her is Julianne (the hand) talking with Kevin and Lorraine (Mazzoni) O'Connor. James Gilpin is on the right.
  33. D'oh....I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the table where *I* was sitting. Not pictured here is Peggy/Marguerite (Kane) Payton, Loretta Lennon, Virginia Halsey, Gary Maroun, and Kenneth Lee and his wife Judy.
  34. Signed up but somehow missing from the event were Stuart Kirsch and Marc & Regina (Maher) McBrearty.

On behalf of this year's class reunion committee (without asking them) and the Alumnae Association (didn't ask them either), I'd like to thank all you who attended. Your presence made it worth the effort. Some *flew* in for the Friday night event and had to leave the next morning. Others joined us for part of the event in spite of very busy schedules. You showed up and I was happy to see and talk to you all.

FYI: A lot of people came over to thank me (Benson) for my efforts on the reunion. To be honest, I only did some of the visible pieces (the phone calling, the email and this webpage). There were several other members on the committee who put in their time (because the Alumnae Association lured us in with promises of free pizza and soda) including Chris Peruzzi, Elaine Edwards Titus, Stu Kirsch, Susan Cronin Ruderman, Joe Shamon, Sue Bear-Hill, Marc McBrearty and a couple of others whom I can't remember because of the 3 hours of sleep I got afterwards.

But ultimately, it was the Alumnae Association that did all the work. They just needed us to come in and put a familiar face so it wouldn't be strange faces trying to get our class to attend this event. Please fire off a note of thanks to them. Better yet, send them money. We're still collecting money for the "class gift". Personally, I don't want my sister's class ('81) to have collected more money than our own class. ;-P

For everyone in the class, pencil in the date...five years from *now*. Be there. Don't make us hunt you down. And DO NOT plan another event for the entire month of May, 2010.

As for me, I have one comment I want to make: "Muhahahah! I'm free! No more 25th Reunion stuff to do!"

I have some notes for the next reunion.

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