BLS Class of 1980 Reunion, May 20, 2000
Last updated: September 27, 2002.

My pictures from the reunion can be found at the links below. Some of the earlier ones during the dinner (first 3 tables) were taken at the wrong setting and didn't come out well at all; I apologize for not taking those again. I tried to adjust them on my computer to get the images to come out better. Also, I apologize to the people at the first table for not getting back to them for that group picture they requested. If any of you have any pictures that you'd like to share with your classmates, I would be willing to scan them in for this webpage. My address is 141 Fairview Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478-3772. I'll send them back as soon as they're on-line. See you in 5.

PS: I finally got a digital camera which I'll bring to the next reunion. Hopefully those pictures will turn out better. For those who didn't know, I had used the same camera at the reunion that I had used for the pictures in our yearbook.

To the organizing committee:

Thanks for a wonderful evening. I had been looking forward to it for years and I wasn't disappointed. I was wondering if you could pass on a suggestion to the Alumnae Assocation? One of our classmates indicated that he almost missed the reunion because he thought the mail was the typical fundraising request. Perhaps those reunion letters might be marked with "Reunion!" on the outside to highlight their significance? Also, I think that the class picture time should be noted on the mailings. I was glad that I showed up early enough for it.

The 20th Anniversary Reunion
May 20, 2000, Boston Mariott Copley Place

Pictures from the 20th Anniversary Reunion (apologies if I get the names wrong):

  1. The Group Picture!

  2. Martin & Ellen [McCone] Ridge, Jan & Daniel Flaherty
  3. (in back)Tom Morressey, Joe McDougall, Walter McDonough, (in front) David MacMillan, David Walsh, Steve Collins.
  4. Chris and Dawn [Dineen] Tomasini, Susan [McDonald] Hughes, Nancy [Iovanni] Dixon
  5. Loretta [Lennon] Byrne, Robert Abramson, Michael Healy
  6. Michael & Jackie Healy, Jeff Folan, John McGonagle
  7. Michael & Cynthia [Poulos] Anderson, Marie [Nickerson] & Jeff Cutting
  8. Richard & Patricia Costello, Paul & Claire Sullivan
  9. Ed & Linda Goff, Richard & Paticia Costello
  10. Lenley & Linda Rafuse, Lani [Wong] & Eliott Morra
  11. John McCormack, Kurt & Patti Michel
  12. Therese Alduino, Bill Moschella, Bill Kearney, Joseph Shamon
  13. Joseph Shamon, Michael Koffman, Christopher Peruzzi
  14. Stuart Kirsch, John McCormack, Kurt Michel
  15. Linda Chaisson, Sandra Ameer, Julie Getchell
  16. Julie Getchell, Kathleen Carrigg-Butler, Thomas Fergus, Mary Beth Frieburger
  17. Susan [Cronin] & Michael Ruderman, Caroline Payson, Sarah Bulger
  18. Mary [Sexton] Medeiros, Dorothy [Breslin] & Alan DiBenedetto, Marc & Regina [Maher] McBrearty
  19. Alanna [O'Sullivan] & Kevin Flynn, Robert Parsons, Alan and Nora [Cherry] Flynn
  20. Mike O'Toole, Luisa D'Antignana O'Toole, Peggy [O'Toole] & Brian Driscoll
  21. Cathy [Olsen] & Glenn Whitney, Peggy [Kane] Payton, ?
  22. Peggy [O'Toole] & Brian Driscoll, ?, ?
  23. Brian O'Sullivan, Eric Belson, [---]
  24. Katie & Bernard Bishop, Charles & Pamela Donnelly
  25. (back)[---], (front)Susan Sheppard & Benson Wong
  26. Marie [Nickerson] Cutting, Benson Wong, Cynthia [Poulos] Anderson
  27. Julie Ann Getchell, Loretta [Lennon] Byrne
  28. Peggy [Kane] Payton, Robert Parsons, Marie [Nickerson] Cutting, Bill Moschella, Loretta [Lennon] Byrne
  29. Linda Chaisson & Steve Collins, (in back) Sandra Ameer & David Walsh
  30. Sandra Ameer & David Walsh
  31. Ed & Lida Goff, Christopher Peruzzi
  32. Marie [Nickerson] Cutting, Brian O'Sullivan, Peggy [Kane] Payton, Cynthia [Poulos] Anderson (picture from Cynthia).

Thanks to Stu and Jackie for the late night corrections. Those name tags are too small in the pictures!

Class of 1980 "Lost List"

I assume this means that the Alumnae Association had no way of contacting these people. If you're not on this list but still didn't get the Reunion news, contact the Alumnae Assocation to make sure they have your correct address. The list below was from the Reunion. Here is a list from the BLS Association.
Paul Abbott, Joan Bach, Kevin Bergquist, Elaine Boly, Jacque Boone, Carlton Burke, Thomas Burke, Dexter Chin, Fred Chin, David Cole, Robert Connolly, Philip Crooks, Patrick Deery, Rosemarie [Iarrobino] Dimino, Vincent Dimino, Nancy Dolhert, Candace Drakes, James Earls, John English, Therese Fitzgerald, Margaret Foley, Joe Gill, Ron Gochakowski, Robert Hanson, Catherine Hart, John Holmes, Sandra Bevins Hughes, Eugene Jung, Paul Kane, Cheung Sing Kwan, Thelma Larraga, Perry Lee, Karen Lopes, Mark MacKenzie, Raymond Mariani, John Marra, Daniel McGrath, Melissa Miller, John Morris, Amy Murphy, Edward Murphy, Stephen Neville, Lorraine Mazzoni O'Connor, David Paige, Joseph Ravida, Elisabeth Schuh, Ursula Stopa, Thomas Sullivan, Keith Tom, Pamela Walrond, Paul Ward, Kathleen Wilder, Sui Wah Wong

The email addresses are provided for the private use of Boston Latin School's Class of 1980. Any use of these names for harassment, fraud, or general spam will be reported to the appropriate authorities.