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04/26/10 A group of us is having a "bootleg" reunion from 3:00 to 6:00 pm on May 8 (the day of the "Grand Reunion"). We'll be meeting at the "Water Fountain" in the Copley Place Mall and migrate over to Champions, 110 Huntington Avenue, in the Boston Marriott Copley Place. Note: this is *not* part of the official BLS 375th Reunion.

Could someone going to the "official" reunion please take pictures of the event, especially pictures of our classmates, and send them to me (Benson)?

03/16/10 I sent in a note to Linda Glennon asking whether or not our class would have a special room (as in past reunions) where we'd have a private area for getting together with our fellow classmates from 1980. I got the following from Megan Pitts at the BLSA:
"At the Grand Reunion, there will not be separate rooms for each class but there will be sections within both the grand room and the cocktail space for you and your classmates to celebrate together.

Although there is nothing class-specific to the Class of 1980 planned, it will still be a great opportunity to catch up with classmates, and we do have a few exciting surprises planned.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns."

02/15/10 Robert Lombardi just checked in.
01/22/10 For a change of pace, we met at John Harvard's Brewing Company in Framingham. We might try for northern Mass next time.
11/24/09 A bunch of us showed up at Doyle's yet again. Word has it that we're going to have the next one in January in the Framingham area.
11/17/09 Tweety (and you know who he is) sent this in:
"BLS band alumni are invited to sit in with the football band at the Thanksgiving Pep Rally on Wednesday morning, Nov. 25 or at the Game on Thursday, Nov. 26. All years are welcome. There are a few instruments available with advance notice. Please contact BLS Arts Director Paul Pitts '73. Also, check out the new October eNewsletter, @blsa."

Maybe take up a collection and donate it to BLSA in the name of "Jerry Boisen" on behalf of band alumni? It's 30 years since our first Thanskgiving Day Football Game/Band!
-Kevin Bergquist ( I might go if we could get some others... )

10/16/09 Bill Moschella finally checked in.
Tony Amara says the next class field trips wil be The Vegas Lounge in Norwood on November 5 and Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain on November 24.
Hey! Send pictures if we haven't seen you in a while.
10/6-9/09 Ursula Stopa checked in. Kathleen Connolly Ciriello updated her information.
10/4/09 Joe Cody checked in.
10/2/09 The BLS 375th Anniversary Kick Off Party We noted a few dignitaries such as the superintendent of the Boston Public Schools, Dr. Carol R. Johnson, and our own Mr. Contompasis (ha! Ron missed his chance!)
09/17/09 Third time's the charm? Who cares! A bunch of us met at Doyle's again in JP. Attendees included Tony Amara, Eric Belson, Loretta Lennon, Matthew Bethoney, Joanne (Musculus) Bouzerdan, Jean (Thorton) Gove, Dan Flaherty and his wife Jan (who was appalled at the pictures of people drinking in the yearbook), Susan (McDonald) Ahern, Kathleen (Connolly) Ciriello, and Benson Wong. We sorely missed Ron Gochakowski's presence, but at least Tony didn't spill any beer on anyone this time.
09/03/09 A bunch of us returned to Doyle's for another round of carousing. We saw ringleader Tony Amara, Ron Gochakowski (still pissed at Mike the Cop), Eric Belson, Loretta Lennon, Kathleen Connolly, Lani Wong, Dan Flaherty, and Benson Wong. Remember little Ron Gochakowski? Damn, he was the tallest one tonight. There's talk of something on September 17.
08/11/09 Bill Ouellette was in town with his partner this week; they're getting married. Congratulations to Bill & Bill!
I forgot that they were in town and would have mentioned it here because a bunch of us got together at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain for a few hours. Attendees included Bill, Lani Wong, Tony Amara, Tony Videlis, Ron Gochakowski, and Benson.
03/1/09 Sarit (Tiomkin) Benichou just checked in from France.

Since Christopher Peruzzi keeps bugging me about it, I'm going to put together a mailing list for the group on this website, probably "". I'm going to put a few people and test it out. You'll have the opportunity to subscribe to it when it's ready. For the moment, only Chris and I will be able to send out email on it but I expect to add anyone who's going to be on the next Reunion committee.

02/24/09 Thanks to Cathy (Olsen) Whitney for the pictures from the 10th Reunion that was held at Tremont House (formerly the Bradford Hotel and now named something else)
02/22/09 If you have the original color yearbook pictures for our classmates who have passed on, I'd like to either borrow them or otherwise get an electronic copy of the color photo.
02/13/09 We found Karl Fronk who was with us through 1977 and/or 1978 through Facebook. He notes that the 1977 BLS Catalogue misspelled his name as "Kary Fronk".
11/20/08 More updates: Elaine (Boly) Sullivan; Cathy Olsen's on Facebook; Walter McDonough;

Hey, a lot of people are checking in for the first time. If you want to include a current picture for your old classmates to see, I'll post them.

11/19/08 More people wrote in (because I sent email to everyone): Lillian Fiorentino, Brett Koons, Kenneth Lee, Henry Wong, Lorraine (Mazzoni) O'Connor
11/18/08 Just sent off email to everyone whose email address I had; quite a few of them just bounced. Please check the email addresses I have for you and send me your corrections. If you're in touch with other classmates, please ask them to check their information too.
11/09/08 David Scott Paige passed away on October 30, 2008. Many thanks to Tony Amara and Stuart Kirsch for the update.
I added a page for Matthew Walsh, Howard Magier, and James Assatly, as well as a page for everyone we lost. If you have something to contribute for any of these classmates, please contact benson.
11/06/08 Anthony Amara checked in, as did Christina Tranfaglia.
10/23/07: I created a mailing list to be used for announcements. This mailing list will be used only for sending out information relating to activities of the Latin School Class of 1980. To subscribe, send a blank email message to and you'll get instructions on how to subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list. I expect that the class agents will be the only ones allowed to send out email so you shouldn't have to worry about getting spam.

I'm adding links to show any online networking groups that you might be in, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Doostang. Let me know if you're in one of these groups.

Also, we'd like your help with the Alumni Assocation. They just moved their Alumni directories to a new server and need everyone to log in again and get new passwords. There is some work going to add new functionality and features so they want to get everyone involved.

Get onto the BLSA's Online Community and update your contact information. A lot of us still have our parents' address in their database. The BLSA ends up sending postal mail to the wrong addresses if not corrected. Log into the Online Community and get updated.

03/09/07: There's a great article on the front page of the Boston Globe on Friday, March 9, 2007, on our old headmaster, "Mike, The Cop"! The Globe's website also posted it on their website. Contact me if you want a copy of the paper article

If you have additions, deletions, suggestions, or any other comments, please contact me at