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This is the unofficial website for Boston Latin School's Class of 1980, unique in the fact that we're not one of the other classes. While it is unsanctioned by the School, the Alumnae Association, the class officers, or even the class members, the Alumnae Association's webpage for our class will probably point to this webpage.

BLS emblem The Boston Latin School (Schola Latina Bostoniensis) is a distinguished part of the Boston Public Schools system and the oldest (English-speaking) learning institution (1635) in America. The Boston Latin School Association has its own website.

If you have pictures of the previous reunions, i.e., 5th, 10th, and 15th, and you'd like to share them with everyone, please send them to me. I'll take digital or paper pictures (I'll send back any paper pictures after I scan them in). Also! Many of you went missing at the 25th and 30th reunions and we may not have seen you since high school graduation. If you'd like to submit a current picture for your classmates, send me photograph (or electronic version) and I'll post it.

Lost your yearbook? Flip through the pages online.

Please check with the alumnae association at 617-450-0004 to make sure your contact information is correct. Many people had erroneous addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses on record so those people did not find out about the reunion.

What's New?

November 28, 2018 I remember hearing that Bill Moschella had passed away but didn't get around to updating this website. Does anyone have any information for this website?

I'm starting to hear from people in advance of the 2020 40th Reunion so now's a good time to send me any updates.

James F. Mulhern checked in: "I am working as a writer, an editor, and an English professor in Fort Lauderdale. I travel quite often and spend my summers in Europe. My latest novel, still in progress, includes references to our high school years at Boston Latin School. The setting is 1976-1980." See his books at Amazon. Updated Nov. 28, 2018 Contact him at "".

We've grabbed the domain "" and we're giving out email addresses to our classmates. Yes, there are addresses available from the BLS Association, but these came with the website so we're going to use them. Contact Benson if you want one or just a forward to your real email address.

If you have additions, deletions, suggestions, or any other comments, please contact me at

The email addresses are provided for the private use of Boston Latin School's Class of 1980. Any use of these names for harassment, fraud, or general spam will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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